Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 (Day 26):

Today was another crazy day! However crazy days equal fast days! When we got to the home this morning, we started working with the little ones. When I walked through the door, I was attacked by a little girl. She came running and jumped in my arms and starting singing the "Sapo, sapo" song. It's a song we've been singing about frogs this whole trip. All the little kids know it and love it! We then sang songs and Julie continued her creation story. After the story, the kids made little snakes. The snakes were like the little chains that elementary teachers have their students make and put into their classroom. I sat at a table with some little girls and helped them put their snakes together. These little girls were really good about not putting too much glue on the paper like all the other kids. They all liked to have me count to 10 for them. They would put a link together and say, "Cuenta!" All together we would count, "uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez." The kids even got to put little eyes and tounges on their snakes. All of them were so proud of their snakes! It was precious! These little boys would walk up to me and say, "Mira!" Then they would want me to take a picture of them. After we finished with the craft, we had originally planned on shampooing the little boys and removing the lice from their heads, but the water was turned off. Apparently some new plumbing or pipes are being put in. I do know that Sodimac (like Lowe's or Home Depot) donated a lot of supplies today. They donated some toilets to be put in for the kids and then a bunch of chairs, dishes, trash cans, etc. Hopefully tomorrow we will be able de-lice the little boys.

After lunch we played with and helped feed the little babies. Then we went and sang songs with the older kids and then Julie continued the story of Esther. I went to help set up the craft. Today the kids made little cross necklaces from the colored beads we brought for salvation bracelets. Robyn, Meredith and I had set everything up. We had a necklace and beads set at each spot. While we were waiting for the older kids, I noticed some of the beads disappearing. Then, when the older kids came in, the beads disappeared altogether. It was amazing. It was like they swooped in and took off with everything as if they had never seen beads or string before. I had made a little friend while we were singing, Karina. She came up to me and had nothing, so I went and got stuff to help her make her necklace. I took all the beads out and I did not realize what was about to hit me. All of a sudden I was swarmed by all these little children. All these hands were reaching in wanting me to give them beads. I had a system down. I passed the beads out one color at a time. At times I wanted to pull my hair out because I was so stressed, but the peace of the Lord came over me and I remained calm. I helped numerous children make cross necklaces. It was funny because they would ask a translater how to say the colors in English and then come ask me for those colors. I didn't really have the heart to tell them that I know what the colors are in Spanish. Some of the older kids know some English and it is so cute to hear them say the words. I can tell they are so proud of themselves when they say a word in English. It's also funny because some will ask if you know a lot of English. It throws me off because I'm used to the question of how much Spanish I know.

Tonight we decided to treat ourselves to the fun restaurant, La Bistecca. We went there a while back and loved it! Got to eat a nice salad, pasta and desert covered in chocolate from the chocolate fountain!!

I can't believe tomorrow is our last day at the orphanage. I also can't believe that I'm leaving tomorrow night, or I guess I should say tonight since it is after midnight. This week has definitely been fast and furious! I'm excited to be coming home though!!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! It is very much appreciated!!


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